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3 Days in San Francisco

San Francisco is like the hippie and geek capital of United States. The 250 year young city is nestled in one of the most picturesque parts of the country, giving it a unique mix of natural beauty, culture and character. This makes choosing what to cover in a single weekend exceptionally difficult. Still, here is what a first trip to cover the must-do’s would look like.

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3 Days in a Death Valley Summer

Death valley can be spectacular and fairly busy in winter. However, summer is when the Mojave desert really comes to its own. Apart from the lifeless landscape, the lofty elevations alternating with dry and flat river beds and the eerie silence, the desert heat claims 1-2 lives every summer (according to park management). However, the painstaking and risk-prone visit can be extremely rewarding too.

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3 days in Kenai Fjords National Park

From tiny striations only millimeters wide to stunning fjords thousands of feet deep, the land of Kenai Fjords National Park tells a story of ice that has taken thousands of years to write. Today the national park exists to preserve the story written in the landscape and to protect the coming chapters. Here in Kenai Fjords, we will be watching as the glaciers of the Harding Icefield respond to a changing climate and the slow processes of time.

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3 days in Kauai, Hawaii

Kauai- the garden isle is the perfect tourist destination. The island is flanked by sunny surf beaches on the south, luxurious resorts on the east, canyons on the west and dramatic cliffs topped by mystical clouds on the north.

Visitors leave Kauai wanting more, no matter the length of the stay. You could make your vacation full of adventure and activity, or spend days relaxing on the dreamy beaches. If you are a golfing enthusiast, you will find some of the prettiest golf courses on the island. No matter your proclivities, we highly recommend a week in Kauai.

If all you have is a 3-day break in midst of island hopping, here is our recommended balance of adventure, fun and relaxation.

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3 days in Hawaii Volcano National Park

Big Island is the youngest and wildest of the pacific islands. At the heart of this impossible island throb five volcanoes – encompassed by the Volcano National Park.

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3 days in Palo Duro Canyon State Park, Texas

Palo Duro is the second largest canyon of the United States of America. It is one of the best kept secrets of Texas and also called Grand Canyon of Texas. As we visited the park, we drew comparison with Big Bend National Park and Grand Canyon National Park. If any of the things below are true for you, you are going to love this state park:

  • You are a mountain biker
  • You have a pet and looking for pet accessible trails
  • You are looking for hikes for kids and elderly
  • You are a horse rider
  • You own a RV
  • You want to see the whole park in 2 days
  • You are looking for clear skies
  • You are looking for a very accessible park where you can drive from the top of the canyon to its base in 15 – 20 min
  • You are looking for easy hiking

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3 days in Austin

Austin is the state capitol of Texas. It is famous for its music and party scene that keep the city happening, natural springs that keep the city cool, and many other places that you surely do not want to miss that keep the city weird. The city’s landmark State Capitol building is larger even the national Capitol building in Washington (as everything has to be big in Texas) and is visible from many different corners of the city.

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3 days in Anchorage, Alaska

Anchorage is the largest city in Alaska and easiest entrance to the “last frontier”. This is a city where one needs only to walk out of the back door to experience the wilderness. Although many residents take off on weekends to pursue outdoor activities, many others find no need to get away. It is quite common to see a moose outside the living room, or a bald eagle flying overhead, and you will be sharing the city with lync, owls and bears. Anchorage is closer from Tokyo, London and Russia than Houston. You will also have access to all major chains of hotels, restaurants, and shopping centers.

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3 days in Los Angeles

The city of Los Angeles is the defining city on the west coast of the United states. The city and surrounding areas are home to several american icons – ranging from the Hollywood sign to painting-blue surf beaches.

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